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berkeley public access [03 Jun 2007|08:02pm]

i just recorded this off of tv. i'm not lying.
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Dean Cain Fanlist [11 Apr 2005|01:12am]
This is the link to the new Dean Cain Fanlist:


Show the world how many Dean Fans there are!

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[21 Oct 2004|01:26am]

[ mood | amused ]

Am I the only one who is amused about the fact that there is an article in today's Prince about students who have livejournals?

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[17 Oct 2004|12:48am]

bush is coming to new jersey. he claims it's now a swing state. he says he can win it. because he's a liar. so the democratic state committee is organizing a rally at the marlton recreation and convention hall on monday, october 18th at 11:30 am to 1pm. 1001 all are invited to attend but we're asking people to wear blue to give him a visual. new jersey...people...blue...like at mcdonald's where the cash register has the picture of a cheeseburger. it's going to be balls to the walls fun. tell anyone who will listen.

Join Democrats From Across The State To Show George Bush That New Jersey Is A Blue State!
Come dressed in blue and ready to support John Kerry
Monday, October 18th
The Blue Barn
Evesham Recreation Center
1001 tuckerton rd
easily accessible off of 295 or 73 or 70.

if you don't agree with my opinions. stop reading and walk away. please don't inundate me with crap about how i hurt your feelings. it's not about you. it's about this world and this country. thanks.
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[19 Sep 2004|02:15pm]

hey guys --
does anyone know the cutoff for an F at princeton? is it 60 or below, or 65 or below?

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this is a break from the countdown panicking. [26 Aug 2004|07:46pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

hi all. i was wondering if anyone might be able to enlighten me on one of three things (preferably someone from new jersey?)
1. is it possible to get to the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ without the use of a car from Princeton?
2. where is the Electric Factory in Philly? Is it accessible from Princeton without a car?
3. Someone should come to one of these venues to see taking back sunday with fall out boy and atreyu and funeral for a friend with me. :-)

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OA [20 Aug 2004|03:53pm]
Question: has anyone gotten group assignments or actually any info about OA yet? it's only a week before the start of the prog and all i know is what to bring :-/
oh and job assignments too.. i think i get everything two weeks after the FSI kids do and argh! so um yeah someone please tell me im not alone! thaaanks
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[20 Aug 2004|12:35pm]

So all the OA people will descend on campus a week from tomorrow, CA people the day after that, and every other frosh within the next six days after that ( international orientation?). It's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd say that I was crazy in my enthusiasm, but I know so many other people who are just as excited as I am, so I know the excitement is just a function of being someone about to start four amazing years at PRINCETON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know that more than two exclamation points is grammatically incorrect but who cares about that when Princeton is so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Okay, so comment about your excitement or last minute questions or whatever. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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oy vey [14 Aug 2004|11:37am]

Has anybody else's Apple laptop order been delayed? Cause mine is now being shipped on or before 9/3 instead of 8/13, and I am quite angry. Just wondering if I'm the only one Apple hates.
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[05 Aug 2004|12:34am]

Has anyone seen the list of Fall Writing Seminars? There's one on vampires!! Whee, this should be fun.

Post inspired by the fact that I'm horribly bored and studiously ignoring the Frosh Seminar essays. It isn't first-come, first-serve, is it? *worries*
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[30 Jul 2004|03:01pm]

Hey folks,
I'm new here. I just found out that I got put into Forbes...anyone else in Forbes? I visited a friend there over the summer, and I didn't have that great of an impression...but I didn't see the famed country-club lobby or the breath-taking view...just her dumpy dorm room:-) Still working on those lovely Frosh Seminar essays at the moment. It's torturous, since my brain hasn't done any higher level thinking since...well, since forever.
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Weekly News In Brief [28 Jul 2004|12:43pm]


J-Rod Excommunicates Little Cousin For Recommending Jurrasic 5

Jordan Rodriguez, 17, didn't call his 10-year-old cousin Steven back after he purchased the band's newest CD, Power in Numbers.  "Steven is a good kid, but he needs to develop a taste in music," said Rodriguez, who hasn't returned any of the three messages Steven has left on his cell phone in the past week.  "Maybe next time, Steven will think twice before over-hyping this kind of hip-hop shit."  As an additional punishment, Rodriguez signed Steven up for an annual subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.

Philosophical Breakthrough Foiled By Putrid-Smelling Lipstick

Philip Moss, Austin Oliver, and Jordan Rodriguez were on the verge of a forming a major new philosophical theodicy when they realized they had nothing to write it on.  "We were looking around for pencil and paper," Moss remembers, "when all of a sudden J-Rod shouted, 'I've found something!'" "Jordan thought we could write the proof on the inside window of Philip's Oldsmobile," Austin stated later, "but the moment he opened the tube of lipstick, this disgusting berry odor filled the cabin.  I thought I was going to vommit.  By the time we had aired out the car, we forgot what the fuck we were talking about."

Local Youth Always Looks Like A Douchebag in Photos

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sooo... [25 Jul 2004|12:53pm]

[ mood | bored ]

lively journal, eh? yeah, i didn't think so either. anyhow, i just hope i don't have to work in a dining hall. ANYTHING BUT A DINING HALL!

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Democratic National Convention Party anyone? [20 Jul 2004|09:37pm]

Yo all, EK here. I'm posting this for Ryan, who doesn't have an LJ. It's all him.

Hi everyone,
How are your summers going? Check out Spider-Man 2 if you haven't yet; it's a fun time.
Anyhoo, I was hunting around www.dnc.org and learned that something called the Democratic National Convention is going to be in Boston from July 26th through the 29th! Yeah, I know, totally took me by surprise too! Anyway, on the last day of the event, Thursday, July 29th, all over the country people are having fun, positive get-togethers to celebrate the start of something really good. Free food, good people, it's going to be hella cool.
So naturally, because I'm know you are all fun positive people who like to do fun positive things, I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining me at one of these parties. Yeah, I know, I know, I live in New York and you live in Boonesville but you can still click here: [+] and type your zip code into the upper-right-hand corner to find a party near you. That way if you end up attending, we'd be going together in spirit. If by chance you DO live in New York (and why not?), I was thinking that if there was a strong enough response, I could open up a loft I have use of on Park Avenue on the Upper-East Side to host my own little soireé. There wouldn't be a recommended donation and there'd be tons of free food and drinks to consume as we watch the closing speeches from Nancy Pelosi, Max Cleland, and of course, John Kerry.
Another option I'm thinking about would be to all go as a group to one of the many meet-ups happening all over the city. One I was looking at is taking place in a Hell's Kitchen restaurant (in Manhattan) which could be very fun.
Regardless, I'm just trying to test the waters here, see how keen people are to the idea. Considering that politics is one of Princeton's most popular majors, I figure this list would be as good as any. If you're just starting to want to know what's going on in that little town of Washington DC or you're already a seasoned warrior in this election's trenches, I think this would be a good opportunity to meet people, have some fun, and learn a little something, something.
Sope, give me a response back if you have a strong interest in doing something for the Convention and are free on the 29th at around 6:00pm. tderailie@hotmail.com is my e-mail or post your comments or suggestions here.
Thanks everyone,
Ryan Kim
(i'm on thefacebook.com)
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[19 Jul 2004|03:34pm]

Hey, which freshman seminars are you guys interested in?

Right now, I'm doing my essay for the "Ancient Egypt and Its Hieroglyphs" one, trying to make it one-paged single-spaced. Is it single-spaced actually?
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Finally!! [19 Jul 2004|08:43am]

[ mood | excited ]

Yay! My roommate just mailed and I'll be living in 304, Witherspoon Hall, Rocky. Yes! *does the Dance of Finally Knowing*

So, I know practically zilch about this and could any fellow Rockyites help me out? Pics? Floor plans? General Info? Damn it, WHY doesn't the letter come?

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i got my roooom, i got my roooom [17 Jul 2004|02:46pm]

Wilson College
1938 Hall room 115

(sorry i said 113 before, my mom was reading it to me over the phone and didn't have her glasses on)

and i think i'm going down for the frosh sem "the tragic, the comic, and the political"
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housing... [17 Jul 2004|12:08pm]

Hey everyone,
I just got my housing info and I'm in 114 Walker Hall, part of Wilson College. My roommate is Tamar Saunders. Let me know if you're her or if your room is somewhat near mine :)
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hello.. [13 Jul 2004|08:43pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

hey, i don't really belong here considering i'm in 8th grade but i've wanted to go to princeton since i was around 10 and i have a few questions: is the admissions process really hard? what kind of things does the board look for...i want to be a journalist or do something with writing, would princeton help me enrich that idea? i'm probably going to be in the IBO program at my high school,would that help me adjust to curriculum at princeton?how is the dorming, the people,the professers,the area. I know princeton pretty well, i belong to greenacers county club,and i love the city but what's it like living there? if someone could answer these questions i'd appreciate it VERY much...thanks-asf

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Attention all NYCers [13 Jul 2004|06:19pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

alright, i think you're all on the yahoogroup, but just in case...
there's going to be an NYC meetup on July 17 (saturday) at 1 pm. post or im me (curioussarah123) for details!!
i'm going to stop harassing you soon, i swear ;)

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