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hey, i don't really belong here considering i'm in 8th grade but i've wanted to go to princeton since i was around 10 and i have a few questions: is the admissions process really hard? what kind of things does the board look for...i want to be a journalist or do something with writing, would princeton help me enrich that idea? i'm probably going to be in the IBO program at my high school,would that help me adjust to curriculum at princeton?how is the dorming, the people,the professers,the area. I know princeton pretty well, i belong to greenacers county club,and i love the city but what's it like living there? if someone could answer these questions i'd appreciate it VERY much...thanks-asf
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first of all, you should read a post from a while back that where i asked a similar question. the main difference is that i will be applying to colleges in a year, whereas you are not going to be for a veeeerry long time.

my best advice, overachiever to overachiever (and i think most admissions officers would agree), is to just focus on your grades, the courses you take, finding something that makes you happy, and doing some good extracurricular activities. since you're in 8th grade, you have plenty of time to sculpt and mold your education into whatever you'd like it to be.

lastly, just remember to take time out for yourself and never set your sights on only one school; there are plenty of great ones not only in the u.s. but abroad.

enjoy high school!
No, you don't belong. Get out. (evil haughty laugher)


July 23 2004, 16:32:47 UTC 12 years ago

I got waitlisted so yes. it kills.
Honestly... nothing in the world will prepare you for Princeton classes. I took IB in high school, did all the shiz. CAS and stuff. Princeton is still incredibly tough. As for the rest of your questions... simply put, Princeton is the most amazing campus in the world. Not just our nation, but our entire freaking globe. And yes, I've been to many universities elsewhere. Princeton is in a class of it's own.

no way


September 9 2004, 19:11:07 UTC 12 years ago

TCNJ is beter!! HAHAHAH!!