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Democratic National Convention Party anyone?

Yo all, EK here. I'm posting this for Ryan, who doesn't have an LJ. It's all him.

Hi everyone,
How are your summers going? Check out Spider-Man 2 if you haven't yet; it's a fun time.
Anyhoo, I was hunting around www.dnc.org and learned that something called the Democratic National Convention is going to be in Boston from July 26th through the 29th! Yeah, I know, totally took me by surprise too! Anyway, on the last day of the event, Thursday, July 29th, all over the country people are having fun, positive get-togethers to celebrate the start of something really good. Free food, good people, it's going to be hella cool.
So naturally, because I'm know you are all fun positive people who like to do fun positive things, I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining me at one of these parties. Yeah, I know, I know, I live in New York and you live in Boonesville but you can still click here: [+] and type your zip code into the upper-right-hand corner to find a party near you. That way if you end up attending, we'd be going together in spirit. If by chance you DO live in New York (and why not?), I was thinking that if there was a strong enough response, I could open up a loft I have use of on Park Avenue on the Upper-East Side to host my own little soireé. There wouldn't be a recommended donation and there'd be tons of free food and drinks to consume as we watch the closing speeches from Nancy Pelosi, Max Cleland, and of course, John Kerry.
Another option I'm thinking about would be to all go as a group to one of the many meet-ups happening all over the city. One I was looking at is taking place in a Hell's Kitchen restaurant (in Manhattan) which could be very fun.
Regardless, I'm just trying to test the waters here, see how keen people are to the idea. Considering that politics is one of Princeton's most popular majors, I figure this list would be as good as any. If you're just starting to want to know what's going on in that little town of Washington DC or you're already a seasoned warrior in this election's trenches, I think this would be a good opportunity to meet people, have some fun, and learn a little something, something.
Sope, give me a response back if you have a strong interest in doing something for the Convention and are free on the 29th at around 6:00pm. tderailie@hotmail.com is my e-mail or post your comments or suggestions here.
Thanks everyone,
Ryan Kim
(i'm on thefacebook.com)
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